The Story of Feather Opal Studios

Feather Opal Studios

A place to Dream. Create. Play

Feather Opal Studios was born from a pretty rough time in my life.   I had always been a conquer the world, love with no boundaries, always find the silver lining, kinda girl. Suddenly, I found myself battling awful, soul-wrenching, depression. Desperate to find connection, I opened a traveling Paint Party Business. It was a huge success and kept me occupied creating and learning content for a few months before the depression set in again. This time heavier. I was doing 3 or 4 parties a week, "connecting" everywhere... but somehow felt more alone than ever. I continued on for almost another year. Pulling myself from bed daily, putting on the strong face at every party: encouraging fun, connection, and creativity while inside feeling lost and lonely. 

Until I couldn't anymore.

So I closed up shop and had what one of my "un-sung Mentors," Brene Brown calls an 'Awakening'. I started the sometimes not so fun, lifelong journey of personal growth.

Somewhere along this journey, I began to realize that there are a lot of people in the same exact spot I was. Feeling lost, alone, and having no clue how to make it better: longing for a community. A community where it's okay to explore. to fail or succeed without the fear of judgment. 

A deep longing to create this space began to bloom within me. I started dreaming of creating a place where we are free to dream again. to be authentically vulnerable, silly, and creative. 

A place to fail without judgment, succeed without competing, and to be both supported and supportive of experimenting with new and unique ideas.  

From that Deep Longing: Feather Opal Studios was Born.


A Place to Dream. A Place to Create. A Place Play.

A Place to Just be.

The Crew

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Our Core Values

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