What our Magical Space has to Offer

Artisan Boutique

Feather Opal Studios proudly supports other Creative Businesses.

Our Boutique features both local and small batch businesses product. The stock changes often, so if something you love is here, let us know! 

Also find links to all available Artisan's Websites on the "Connect" page of our website. Please go check them out and show them some love!

Fun Classes and Workshops

We love finding the magic of everyday moments... with others!

We think everything is better together. Especially learning, growth, and play!

Check out our upcoming classes, workshops, and events on our "FUN" page!

10% of all class proceeds go to local charities

Magical Makers Space

DIY-er's and Space Challenged Artist's unite

Need some extra space to work on a project? Don't feel like buying a whole set of supplies you'll only use for one project? 

come use our space and supplies during normal (nonevent) hours for a small hourly or daily rate

Community Connections

Connections create the sparks of Joy in Life

Check our Events Page and Local Fun and Connections Page often for new opportunities to hang out with other amazing people in our community.

Not a Ridgecrest Local?

Check out our Online Connections page!

Dream Builder's Group


Owning a creative business is hard. Let's help each other! Bi-weekly group meetings  to talk over the unique challenges we face as creative businesses and help each other through them. 

Studio Rental

Studio Rental

Are you a photographer that need a cool space to shoot in when the Ridgecrest Winds pick up?

Maybe you need a Fun Space to hold a birthday Party, Work Event, girl's night, or baby shower?

We've got you covered! 

The Story of Feather Opal Studios

Feather Opal Studios

A place to Dream. Create. Play

Feather Opal Studios was born from a pretty rough time in my life.   I had always been a conquer the world, love with no boundaries, always find the silver lining, kinda girl. Suddenly, I found myself battling awful, soul-wrenching, depression. Desperate to find connection, I opened a traveling Paint Party Business. It was a huge success and kept me occupied creating and learning content for a few months before the depression set in again. This time heavier. I was doing 3 or 4 parties a week, "connecting" everywhere... but somehow felt more alone than ever. I continued on for almost another year. Pulling myself from bed daily, putting on the strong face at every party: encouraging fun, connection, and creativity while inside feeling lost and lonely. 

Until I couldn't anymore.

So I closed up shop and had what one of my "un-sung Mentors," Brene Brown calls an 'Awakening'. I started the sometimes not so fun, lifelong journey of personal growth.

Somewhere along this journey, I began to realize that there are a lot of people in the same exact spot I was. Feeling lost, alone, and having no clue how to make it better: longing for a community. A community where it's okay to explore. to fail or succeed without the fear of judgment. 

A deep longing to create this space began to bloom within me. I started dreaming of creating a place where we are free to dream again. to be authentically vulnerable, silly, and creative. 

A place to fail without judgment, succeed without competing, and to be both supported and supportive of experimenting with new and unique ideas.  

From that Deep Longing: Feather Opal Studios was Born.


A Place to Dream. A Place to Create. A Place Play.

A Place to Just be.

The Crew

shop their work on our Artisan's and Boutique Pages


Our Core Values

This is what we believe and try to represent daily

in Business and in Life

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